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FREE DOWNLOAD: Weekly Meal Planning Sheet

FREE DOWNLOAD: Weekly Meal Planning Sheet

Picture this:



You're going on a trip out of state. It's somewhere you've been BEFORE, but it's still not totally familiar. You know the general direction you should head so you start driving. Some times passes and you've done alright, but suddenly you look around and realize this doesn't look familiar. Put simply, you're lost. You can keep driving around, HOPING you land in the right spot, but chances are you won't make it to your destination.



What went wrong?


You forgot your map. You didn't have DIRECTION.



Now let's translate this over to your goals:


You're ready to start your new healthy lifestyle. You've tried before and had a little success, but you've struggled to stick to it. Still, every week you tell yourself "this is the one!" Sunday rolls around and you realize it's time to prepare! You head to the store and you walk the aisles as you gather ingredients for a dinner here, a possible lunch there. Maybe this will work for breakfast! You get home and maybe Monday goes okay. You gathered enough things to get a healthy breakfast, an okay lunch, and a pretty good dinner. But Tuesday appears and suddenly you realize you don't have time to make that same breakfast as yesterday and you don't know what the plan is for lunch and you forgot an ingredient for dinner. Frustrated, you skip breakfast, head out to eat for lunch, and throw whatever frozen meal you can find in the freezer into the oven. Defeat.



What went wrong?



You forgot your map. No direction, no plan, no success.


If you're repeatedly struggling with your goals and you're not sure where to start - here it is. You have to start with a plan. Showing up every week HOPING you got enough fruits and veggies, HOPING you'll have enough time to get your lunch made isn't going to cut it.


It's like taking off for a road trip without your map.


Don't start off this week lost. Download my FREE blank weekly meal planner sheet (below). It doesn't have to be the perfect ratio of healthy meals. Build the habit of PLANNING and PREPARING. You can fine tune the rest of it later.


You've got this - you CAN and you WILL do this. Here's to a strong, healthy week!




Weekly Meal Planner

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